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  • SallaMC


    Nice video!
    I do have a few comments though.
    minute 22: top right, I call there for information. Its 75 cent in a 6$ pot we might still be good against a bluff!
    minute 32 bottom table, QJ and J8 make a straight, not just J8.
    Concerning the preflop raising ranges of villains, you mentioned that the open raising range in SB is rather loose. I think most regulars raise rather tight there, because they have to play oop. So the SB has IMO a pretty individual open raising range.
    I am looking forward to feedback and of course to your next video!
  • schnup07


    he marcel,

    would be a call on the J77 board with your AA88 that bad? would never fold there... or is it a raise or fold decision?

    min: 7:50
  • schnup07


    7:30 sorry
  • provoman


    1. My question is what are your stats with this standard way of playing.
    2. How BB/100 earn an average preriod long time.
    3. My question is how to define ranges opponents. By playing a lot with them and see their cards at showdown or is there another virtual way to guess.
    I wonder to know how fast I can determine ranges of opponents at short tables of this type.
    What to trace exactly to draw the most rapid and accurate information.
  • Qwertz321


    just started playing PLO and i really like your vids!
    Hope there will be more to come in the future :)