NL $25 SH Session Review

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • ShortHanded
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Yet another great session review from Hasenbtaten on four shorthanded tables. This time he changes his style of play and goes for a more loose approach. He also explains his stats and analyses the ones at the tables.


Session Review

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  • lucanito85


    perfect video,perfect reads ! I like it
  • galhindi


    +1 learned a lot !
  • VSBGimli


    great, thank you!
  • junior83


    I really wanna see from you a video on Everest.There you can show us harder postflop situations vs the idiotic fishes.
  • marquisGrissom


    fantastic teacher...41 value minute
  • Aurelijus


    You are the best! It shows how much I still have to learn.Great reads.
  • pericas1991


    sorry, im new to this site, still waiting for my 50 dollars bonus, but i have noticed that many guys that make videos have some kind of a program for statistics, and im curius what program that is and where can i get it??
  • flushtrain


  • riskcore


    I noticed you mentioned your girlfriend in the video!!!
    trying to show off and make me feel bad cause i got no one???
    and i thought you were so cool
  • hardo


    Good logic and very nice reads!This is defenetly helping me improve my on thinking process!
    Thx again!
  • sanitarium83


    great explaining