Playing Draws in SNGs

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Ever wonder if you are playing your draws correctly? Collin comes with another interesting video in which he answers all doubts regarding playing draws in SNGs. Enjoy and don't forget to leave your comment below!


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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Video seems nice. The only thing is that if you only play draws fast, it seems to me that you also gonna be predictable unless obviously you play other hands fast as well. Sorry can't see the full video so just thinking about the few first minutes. Also some players thinks that when an other players is playing fast he is weak and some others think when a player play fast he is strong. So playing fast all the time is better or playing at the same speed each hand rather that playing only draws fast.
  • imgoingtomirage


    You will understand everything better if you watch the whole video :)
  • OldSchoolPapa


    Sure i think so i know Colling is competent and well advised about SNGs that's why the first 4 min were a bit confusing. Once i'll be able to get back to poker tables to watch Collin's videos will be in the top list of my watching list :)
  • OldSchoolPapa


    *Collin , My bad typing too fast and multi tasking can be really bad sometimes :)
    By the way Collin when checking on HRC to grab some informations about their tool wich wasn't really interesting i saw a quote from you with a website "teammoshman" but the website is down , is it normal ?
  • ghaleon


    15:30 89s: Check-raise is plausible line. Only downside is that on this drawy flop there is decent risk of facing shove on flop which will lead into bit nasty spot. Would be 3.6k to call for pot of 9.5k so you dont quite get pot odds to call but folding is sort of disaster situation.

    If villain call pot is 2.5k or so and you have 3.6k behind. What is plan in different sort of turns?

    Now there are definitely good sides of check-raising flop but imo in general you want to avoid in these situations these sort of bit minus EV call versus shove spots. E.g. if we have gutshot we have way easier decisions if villain continues. Same if we have bit stronger draw that is +EV to stack off and easier to barrel on turn with more equity. So personally I would tend to keep this sort of medium strength draw in check-call range and go from there.

    17:50 A5s: Basic preflop call. Flop I would personally tend to check-call. Well obviously Jd is one we will fold but its also like pretty much worst possible one. If turn is blank this is actually not such bad hand to check-call again as it wont block villain semibluffs that much, has showdown value and has nutty outs. We should also have stuff like 56 in our range that I would more preferably check-raise-fold. But yeah I suppose this is not bad combo either.

    18:30 AQo: Not a fan of cbetting or 3bet shove either. In general cbetting these relatively drawy boards with two overcard hands that has showdown value make little sense. When villain raises flop his range should mainly be of top pair+, some flush draws and some gutshots. Maybe 45. From these made hands, flush draws and probably 45 will call so we mostly get some gutshot or total airballs to fold.

    Well anyway for me this is flop to check and look to use hand as bluff catcher or if hitting top pair we have very strong made hand basically. Some turns are ok to delayed cbet for thin value/protection like board pairing card. Also because delayed check-raises are way less common in most player pools arsenal.

    21:36 A8o: Bit of term picking but dont like use of float term in flop call as we are not really doing call with aim to bluff on that many run outs but more as we have showdown value and potential to improve. But yeah you did use "sort of float" anyway :)

    Would have been nice if river went more like: "He bets, we raise, he shoves, we puke" :D

    23:30 J9s: I think preflop depends of both villains. If BU has been limp-folding decent amount we give aggro BB pretty nice spot to shove decently wide as our SB complete range very rarely as calling hands. But yeah complete definitely ok option.

    25:40 AJs: Would check flop. Sure we can bet-call but its not really optimal imo.

    30:00 KQs: I think bit over minraise is simply too small preflop. 2.5-3bb would be my standard.

    35:00 89s: Turn to me is clear value bet with weaker flush. Mainly because we have clear value hand that is still bit vulnerable in that any diamond will make our hand into check-call category in river. Check with flush is good balance but because of above reason I prefer using some A or K high ones for that. You also want to cbet good amount of flushes on turn because this is also relatively good to barrel as bluff.

    40:30 K5o: Would shove river personally. Are you folding or calling if villain check-shove? Imo its just stupid spot as pot odds are ridiculous but is anyone really bluffing at that point.
  • Tichwich85


    Great video and great answers from ghaleon too...actually learned from both here hahaha
  • CollinMoshman


    OldSchoolPapa: Definitely, you shouldn't just play draws fast, one of the things I try to do in the video is break down the factors that make it better to play draws aggressively. Thanks for the questions and comments. And yes, my old website you reference is down on purpose for now.

    #8 Tichwich85: Thanks! Definitely agree on the value in Ghaleon's comments. I wrote in a recent video thread that I hoped people watching would also be sure to read his notes on the vid :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Ghaleon:

    Great comments as always. Let me reply to a few of them for now--

    AQ: I think it's a close spot, but I do like c-betting here considering that we have almost nothing to go with our overcards and so we deny equity and prevent getting bluffed off the best hand on a lot of turns.

    A8o: It's definitely a good distinction, considering how high our equity is against his range, that it's a lot better to be precise and not just label it a float because we call IP with "just a high card."

    K5o: Shoving is a good alternative particularly since if we don't want to have multiple sizes at the river, the one that makes the most sense is just to have a shoving range. Against this aggro villain we would have to puke-call, but against a passive or unknown player if I bet river with this sizing I'd bet/fold.
  • maniac


    ty collin. great video.


  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Maniac!