$55 Heads-Up Shootout SCOOP Event Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Heads Up
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Our coach goes through some of the most interesting hands he played in recent HU SCOOP shootout event.


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  • ghaleon


    5:40 Q9s: If using mixed bet size strategy in turn would it make sense to split Qx to both ranges so that you would e.g. bet Q2-Q7 or so smaller to have some Qx in there and Q8+ bigger?

    7:50 78o: Personally I would never cbet any bottom pair as high as this. I mean its feasible on some boards where we can get lot more equity to fold imo. But not much point in this coordinated one. Turn and river seems fine. Maybe you can have some 3h4h as weaker holding but pretty much weakest holding and its blocking bit of low end straight.

    21:00 A4o: I think you definitely can get three street from some weaker hands on blank runouts but I like checking more for protecting our check range plus avoid that nasty check-raise possibility.

    How would you react to river check-raise? Though its rarely coming.

    26:00 98o: Kind of seems like you are repping only T9 to be honest. Because I suppose you would often go with check-raise with 6s4s or 9s6s on flop having combo draws?

    But yeah this seems like good bluff candidate. Blocking some two pairs, set, 9T and having no spade.

    33:10 K7o: Maybe I am bit scaredy cat at this point but we have seen some creative check-raise stuff from this opponent so I would probably keep this hand in check turn range.

    A6o: Do you take better 9x out of his value range in river? Like A9, Q9?
  • honigmund38


    hey ghaleon, some great comments there!

    Q9s: im not rly a huge fan of having different bet sizes in a lot of spots for the simple reason that those betting ranges have to be somewhat balanced as well and i think thats usually hard enough when you use one sizing.

    78o: i agree with this in retrosüect and do prefer checking over betting.

    A4o: id probably call river checkraises somehwat frequently when i have a spade in my hand. depends a lot on sizings though.

    98o: i dont see a reason why we couldnt checkraise 2p otr for value.

    K7o: yeah not rly in love with that hand i guess haha.

    very good points, tyty!
  • giselepl


    Muito bom ter videos assim para nos auxiliar numa jogada .