High Stakes Reg Battles

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000 - $2000
  • ShortHanded
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In this new special video, sirrybob decided to observe action on NL1000 & NL2000 and analysis some of the hands played by regulars against other regulars.


analysis ante deep high stake hs NL1000 nl2000 PokerStars regulars review

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  • tamastihamer89


  • Luisg205


  • arty90arty90


  • horsetranquilizer


    seriously. the coach is NOT playing? thats a whole new level of nittery.
    i suggest making a series about railbirding the 5k+ tables instead. thats actually highstakes
  • lejla777


  • Bonifacius


    I have tried to find here any video, where this coach plays himself. But failed. (
  • dws13


    What a joke!!!! :D :D :D At least u should have choosen NL5k+++
  • tukioppilas62


    The value for diamond + status has been redicolously low on this site for years. Uri Peleg used to make good videos though few years back, not even sure if he is playing himself anymore at all.
  • LemOn36


    Guys Poker regulation's brutal in Israel - Stars have exited
    And I wouldn't be surprised if Uri doesn't want to show publicly sites like Natural8 where Israeli players actually do play for tax/law reasons.

    What I'd get really excited about is Uri e.g. Challenging Snowie though and going over ranges there
    who's with me :D
  • tukioppilas62


    Why it has to be then Uri making videos once he cant play himself?

    Why doenst pokerstrategy hire someone good mid/highstakes regular to make videos to give even a little bit content for diamond+ status.? Too expensive even after all the money they pumped from us.?
  • imgoingtomirage


    All the previous videos made this way had received a very good feedback, that's why you see another one like that with a specific topic. You say this video doesn't have value, could you please then provide us with concrete examples about what's wrong with this video? Together with sirrybob we thought that making a deep analysis of high stakes regulars would benefit all players that have access to this content.

    If you have any ideas for Diamond videos we would also much appreciate if you could share them with us.
  • Bonifacius


    imgoingtomirage, I'd like to see a recorded live session on this stakes.
  • tukioppilas62


    Would have interest in pio solver videos. Thats something Uri Peleg might be able to do well. / (Nodelocking) , 3-bet pot betsizing plans etc.
  • Zolotarsp


    Video's good, Uri is amazing obv.

    #12, they just have no clue about what poker is, nor how to learn it.