Big suited hands played correctly!

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
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KTU presents another very interesting video on playing certain types of hands. This time he focuses on big suited hands like KJs, JTs or Q9s. Enjoy!


broadway flush draw J9s JTs K9s KJs KQs KTs pokerhands Q9s QTs

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  • totof4


  • Endworld


    Very nice video ! Do you know where one could learn more about frequencies ? =)
  • febry75


    good and very nice...
  • Erberson7


  • clovenhoofsdoom


    I didnt look the video to the end so maybe you give an answer to this later on:

    when you say call in CO, BU und BB position you imply folding "big suited hands" on all other positions, which includes KQs on SB vs BU openraise. Is that right? I can imagine an argument for that: positional disadvantage.
    With Equilab I assumed Button openraises 37% and there you are 54% infront with KQs. What would you do?

    Thanks in advance and props for all your nice work.
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    Ooops, ok KQs is called "a premium suited connector". Sometimes you just have to listen a few seconds longer before asking -.-
  • waterbar1860


    good and very nice...
  • PIT777