NL200 Zoom Live Action! (2)

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ilares played another live session on NL200 Zoom on PokerStars, explaining all the decisions and his thought process!


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  • LoKKK


    what did he say


  • Hanspanzer


    the sound quality + accent makes it hard to understand
  • Danicek


    Please do something with sound quality. I wrote it in the last video. Could be really interesting videos, but its just destroyed because of it. Impossible to watch without headache.
  • imgoingtomirage


    This is a recording from a coaching, so we cannot do much with it (although in fact it has been enhanced a bit), because the audio quality is not the main issue here, it's how the coach talks. Fortunately we have addressed some issues and forwarded the feedback to ilares. He will try his best to improve and talk more clearly :)
  • ilares


    Hello guys,
    thanks for the feedback!
    i have a microphone since toda and i'll try to speak more clearly starting from today
    I hope it will be better! cheers
  • Danicek


    Thanks guys ! :)
  • Zarkisa


    His voice is a little boring
  • Spoonwood


  • firsttsunami


    whats the language he is speaking? i dont understand a word.
  • Spoonwood


  • tukioppilas62


    Its a little bit hard to understand but I think you play pretty well and think through on every spot properly before making decissions. Thanks for the video and Gl :)
  • Xenomystus


    It´s mostly the french accent. Once you are a bit more into the video you get used to it and understand pretty much everything...
  • leGIAANT


    What language is this.. Jesus
  • Spoonwood


    Loool nice
  • Dealit1time25


    With zoom hands for coaching purposes, particularly since it helps when you describe other players from their actions, it would be better to run only one table and elaborate on your actions. It is zoom, after all, and once the hand is completed, you get another immediately. Just a thought. Thanks.
  • ilares


    @9,11: well i'm french and i don't speak english really often, it can only become better i guess ;)

    @18: most people prefer 2tables, or even 3!
  • bukovvski


    the sound quality + accent makes it hard to understand +1
  • msnek


    The sound quality is reallz aweful. 5:00 Why you are not opening ATo there?
  • msnek


    Oh, and it would be good to exaplain your HUD + color marking of villains.