Binking French Turbos: In the middle

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
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In the second part of his tournament review, LuckyLuke is going to continue from where he left off. Again, he will go through some of his folds, in order to look at his opening and defending ranges even in the hands where he did not participate.


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  • madein1984


    that bigger calculation you did which ended around 30:40, you didnt mention that this iss cEV and since it's the FT bubble with lots of shortstacks we should have a big ICM tax in this spot, probably even making KQo a little close. That's also why Q7o should be a bad reship imo
  • LuckyLukePS


    I do mention that this calculation is just for cEV. in the notepad doc :)

    However you´re right to mention that I do not go into ICM factors here which I should do, although it helps that we are applying ICM pressure here rat but of course I agree with you on the hypothetical case of Q7o and I should have mentioned the need to adjust for ICM for sure, so good point! I don't think KQo is that close even given ICM tho.
  • LuckyLukePS


    *rather than being on the receiving end of it
  • Atalol


    Nice vid and I agree KQo is good but I would probably won't go below it.

    Pls HRC :P
  • Yoghurt1973


    Not too bad, since in most countries you pay much more when having a ordinary job.
  • hannibl


    ott vagy haver
  • JackPot11


    Не плохо! Очень даже)
  • ShovingLoose


    Nice sheet on 18:15 :)