No Limit SH $50 - Low to Mid Stakes Series Part III

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • ShortHanded
(14 Voix) 9100


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FullTilt low stake low stakes mid stake mid stakes series special

Commentaires (21)

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  • ethanrox


    n1 but learn to use the equilator occured to me that u have selected the cards as dead not as the ones came on the flop. keep the good work

  • zubrils2


    Nice video, thank you!
  • NiekamNeidomu


    And again he's from france ! best read ever xD
  • smook


    at 5 min... he ill have 23 left if he calls the 24... nice vid...
  • kingdippy2008


    I love how you get some reads. "Hes probably a TAG - hes got a TAG name...
    Also at around 24 mins. "Hes from FRANCE and hes a midstack so probably bad"
    Haha love it, great video btw. Been waiting some time for this. :P
  • mitchbeach


    "he's from france...probably bad!" Pffffffffffff
    By the way, great vidéo!
  • otoo


    Be aware that you might also have some english speaking pokerstrategist watching :) ...

    "And ... guess what he had AK! "

    nice video!
  • otoo


    my bad: some english speaking FRench pokerstrategist :)
  • mitchbeach


    Indeed some french guys speak english...
  • lyly13


    nice vid ... it's a bit hard to understand because of the bad mic i guess
  • born2win5


    #1 Yep, and those dead cards were in the next evaluation w/ 99 vs half-stack.
  • Becks777


    Hey, nice vid.
    The QJ hand at around 12 min. From his point of view u said c/c isn´t good on River. We would need a Read that our opponent is capable of bluffing the River again to play c/c? And the Board doesn´t offer enough draws that he could bluff on the river? Is this correct?
  • TribunCaesar


    That's correct, because I wouldn't bet worse hand then his in this spot. So he has only the bluffcatcher and this is not a spot where I would bluff all that often. And furthermore I would bluff bigger if I want him to fold the T. He might not know that but it's pretty obv.
  • Instinctively


    Great video as allways Caesar.
  • maxwi


    Please improve video quality
  • Menel


    The correct numbers at 43 min is 65%(his range), 35% your equity. Good fold. :)
  • Sequeezer


    the sound is HORRIBLE :(
  • TheBrood


    Very interesting video, might need to watch it again to understand it better since I play FR. Thanks TC
  • AudreyBitoni


    Best english videomaker!!!
  • roswellx


    3rd time watching it now... In part II, he had Windows XP, now he has windows Vista :P.
  • axelphoney


    That my friend was the best video I've ever seen. I mean honestly, it makes movies such as the godfather, shawshank redempetion etc to look like crap!