$22 Freezeout MTT Review: In The Money

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22
  • Full Ring
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Fitzinator18 reviews his important hands from in the money through to the final table. Giving in depth thoughts on each. Discussions include evaluating different betsizing options, some calling range analysis and postflop hand reading.


draw Equity flop hand history review

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  • fitzinator18


    Hey guys enjoy my latest video, in the money in a $22 freezeout!

    Any questions or other feedback please leave it below and I will be happy to respond.
  • HappyCatz


    The ITM phase and the FT bubble are the biggest problem for begginers and intermmediate players. Very welcomed new content!

  • CollinMoshman


    Another great video, I really like the in-depth bet sizing discussion, particularly the 19:20 KT hand.

    Btw what do you think of semibluff 3bet shoving if he c/r's flop there, shouldn't his range be a bit wider because we size our cbet on the small side?
  • fitzinator18


    #2 Hey happycatz that's really great feedback thanks very much!

    #3 Thanks for the great feedback Collin :)

    about your question about semi-bluff jamming flop at 19:20

    Not sure actually, I'm in 2 minds about it looking back, can't remember my thoughts in game. I feel like from a GTO perspective if we were going to take a creative approach on the flop if he raised it is often going to be better to flat.

    I feel like when he checkraises he's going to have hands like Axdd combos a reasonable amount and the times he has air I'm not sure how much we benefit from just cramming the flop as a chunk of these hands that get it in when we jam actually dominate our draw and getting it in on the flop will be exactly what he wants.

    If he has the 67cc he just decides to checkraise then from a GTO perspective we should flat (as he isn’t doing anything but folding when we cram), let him either barrel turn or check turn to us and cram over his turn bet. I think if he does have a random hand that just wants to rofl about and checkraise flop with no equity or a gutshot or something, they are rarely just gonna make a no equity turn shove for stacks, what’s more likely is they’ll end up bet-folding 14k into 48k or something like this. So we can happily jam turn expecting a fair amount of fold equity, and if he just crams turn probably best to just fold as he’s gonna have all those diamond combos and legit value hands still…although on a spade I’d be somewhat tempted to call it off vs hands that have now turned flushdraws that were initially just airballing flop…would probably just end up folding still though. Players are also rarely going to be capeable of checkraising flop and checking turn with value hands so if he checks pretty sure the jig is up and we can just bet and fold him off his freeroll equity.

    All this being said ripping the flop makes life easy for us, and everyone likes life being easy :)
    Hope that made some sense!
  • fitzinator18


    oh and I think players are also incapeable of bet-calling 14k into 48k with A9dd here so usually theyre going to just cram these hands. cram their value hands such as QJ sometimes and sometimes bet-call it off, and then bet-fold their airballs or check-fold their airballs. if he crams 67 of clubs on me on the turn and gets me to fold then he deserves a pat on the back but rarely think you're going to find anyone doing this so think you're pretty safe to fold to a jam and shove over any standard sized turn bet :) sometimes you'll get called by his 1 QJ value hand and you still have outs but i expect to get a huge amount of folds taking this line
  • CollinMoshman


    Thorough answer! OK, I'm definitely sold now on flatting a flop c/r even with him potentially being on a slightly wider range than normal based on how small we size our cbet. Solid discussion also on later street lines based on the potential flop actions.

    This is a really important/interesting hand IMO...
  • Sydobil


    Great video! I like your play (y)
  • newmeg


    ubecki syn esbeka
  • luckywin85


    can we have a HUD details please?
  • fitzinator18


    #9 posted them on last video in reply to your comment but will post them here too for convenience of others if theyre interested:

    Raise 1st
    Fold to 3bet
    call BB
    Flop Cbet
    Fold to flop cbet
    Turn cbet
    Fold to turn cbet
    Donkbet flop
    Flop bet vs missed CB IP
    Turn bet vs missed flop CB OOP
  • crivelion


    Hi really nice video! Just a question.. at min. 26 you 4bet in bluff SB.. you had some information about him or were just using his risk aversion during the final table bubble?? Maybe you have explained all in the video, but i don't understand so good english ;)