Introducing Fitzinator18: Pre-Bubble MTT Play

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22
  • Full Ring
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A warm welcome to Steven "Fitzinator18" Fitzpatrick as he brings his first video to, he uses a hand history of a $22 freezeout to discuss some concepts during the early and mid stages of the tournament before we're in the money. He talks about various range calculations and postflop spots along the way.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy my first video everyone!

    I'd be happy to answer any questions and all feedback is appreciated, enjoy!
  • Anto11



    Great video! Love it!

    Best regards,
  • ikkvr


    Nice vid!!
  • yellowsock


    The HM2 replayer is ok as we can see stats but it misses frequently action hands in terms of not assigning a red or green colour to a hand. On your vid (hand 70) your stack is over 13k. Few hands later its 8k and there are no green or red marked fields in-between.(23:10)Apart from that I find your vid really interesting.
  • CollinMoshman


    Great video Fitzinator!

    Really nice explanation of hand-reading and how you're putting your opponent on ranges, definitely worth watching twice. I'll be recommending this video to students.
  • TheLazyGrinder


    Hi, first of all..nice video :)
    i have few comments:
    1)KTs 8:20 , i dont really like cbet on that flop against 24/19 type of player, i know that u have small sample on him, but still we can assume that with his aggression he will shove most of stronger Ax hands+ hands like KQs and TT+. The rest such as SCs, weaker brodways or pairs he can call. So i would say that such a flop is hitting his range quite strong and i wouldnt cbet since we can often get a x/shove. Another point u mentioned is that u r trying to fold random small pairs, and in my opinion its quite ambitious plan to force him fold 55-66 ( or any pair) on 977 only by your cbet ( very often u will need 2nd barell)
  • fitzinator18


    Thanks for the nice comments so far everyone!

    #4 - interesting, I looked at this and it actually does point out a small flaw in the HEM replayer, but it wasnt to do with what you said. if you look at the pot you mentioned, at the end of the hand it says i have 13k, when if you actually add up the pot and add my remaining stack to it, it only adds up to 10K. HEM corrects itself straight away the hand after just a small thing where for that 1 second my stack looks too large. I also do know the HEM glitch you mention, something i've found is that if you scroll along hand by hand once you go to the next slide of hands it doesnt update properly, in the video you notice in order to get to the next hand I want to look at, if it's on the next slide of hands i always click the 'next slide' in the HEM replayer. this ensures it updates properly. i apologise for the poor wording there I couldnt think of a better way to word it, hope it makes sense.

    #6 - yeah I think this spot is kinda close actually, I think we get check shoved on a pretty decent amount of the time but if we checkback we forfeit the pot to alot of hands that would have folded the flop. QJ QT KJ A5s hands like this, whether he finds a check/fold with 55 on this flop is probably up for debate but if he has 55 we get to see 2 streets and realise our equity of any K T or 9 rather than checking back and folding turn, also if the turn is an 8, J or Q i'm always bluff shoving to get him off these hands so im not always just throwing in the towel when he calls. I'm not fully convinced either way and there are definitely merits to both betting flop and checking back. whether the cbet is optimal or not the way this hand played out I feel like the river call is actually super easy since he has nowhere near enough combos of 7x to outweigh his bluffs, and as discussed in the video he never has a flush or a bare 9 and shouldnt have any Qx that gets to the river.
  • ghaleon


    24:00 89o: I would prefer to just call flop and keep pot size in control. I think readless plan to raise-call is spewy. He may shove some 7x, but otherwise we will be crushed by his made hand range.
  • ghaleon


    38:00 AK: Did you think 4bet small-call line there? Maybe get him to spew with something by 5bet shoving?
  • fitzinator18


    #8 like I said in the video I'm not really one to overvalue hands but i do really like raising the flop, if we just peel we have let him set his own price to draw, and the price he set is correct even with a bare 7x, I admit a better 8x hand will make up some portion of his range but so often they just pot 8x in this spot really wanting to get it in. I wouldn't underestimate the read that a weak bet from a weak player is a weak hand and a strong bet from a weak player is a strong hand. Also, whilst this wasn't the intention in game this raise had the added benifactor of making a fish flip his hand up as a 2pair or better hand and his small bet was an induce bet. I dunno I have to say for all my reasonings in the video I like raising the flop with intentions of calling a shove, but I'm fine with you disagreeing and understand why.

    and at 38:00 ghaleon I agree 4bet/calling could be better, I don't think its too big of a deal though, UTG vs MP if a $22FO player finds a light 5bet shove i'd be surprised but yeah i appreciate that it's probably slightly better.

    Thanks for the comments :)
  • nnssoonn


  • luckywin85


    can we have HUD details please?
  • fitzinator18


    #12 hey, I should probably include this in my newer videos thanks for pointing this out. i'll post them here incase you're interested

    Raise 1st
    Fold to 3bet
    call BB
    Flop Cbet
    Fold to flop cbet
    Turn cbet
    Fold to turn cbet
    Donkbet flop
    Flop bet vs missed CB IP
    Turn bet vs missed flop CB OOP
  • Wohmfg


    Really good video with great analysis.

    I really prefer a flat on the flop with 98o when you hit top pair vs the donk bet tho. Also, if he was a good player (he obviously isn't), he can have a flatting range pre if he assumes you are a fish, correct?

    Btw HEM replayer has pot odds but it's hidden by the HUD for the player in the bottom seat!
  • checkdex


    nice call KTs ,like ur video :)