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PokerStrategy.com Coach "Twisted1984", well known in the dutch community, presents his first production for the english video section on PokerStrategy.com, offering viewers a short introduction followed by some Omaha theory.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the debut from Twisted1984 - your thoughts about the video are welcomed as always!
  • ares515


    Nice video !!
  • autheking


    finally PLO!
  • pleno1


    Hey guys, we realised that we needed to provide more PLO content. Next month there will be a minimum of 4 videos and moving forward we will be looking at releasing at least 1 PLO video every week. Watch out in the forum and news for more information on this :)
  • LuckOnHoldem


    you said you play poker professionally:

    -what stakes do you usually play?
    -how many tables do you play?
    -how many hands on an avg. month?
    -what site?
  • Twisted1984



    Currently I play PLO100&200 (rarely 400 if there's a good table). Used to play higher but bought an apartment so need to grind up the bankroll again =].

    I usually play a lot of tables, earning a decent chunk of rakeback on the side. I play around 80-100k hands a month. I try playing around 100 hours a month when not on vacation or something. What site I play on is something I'd rather not say, privacy issues.
  • Kyyberi


    Thank you sirs!
  • autheking


    Hi, I don't really remember exactly when this happened but in one spot you shoved on river in position with a 8 high flush because you had "the best hand almost everytime". I disagree with that logic as suppose you have the best hand 99% of the time and he only calls your shove the 1% of time when you are actually beat then its a negative EV shove. Great video otherwise!
  • onmybike


    Nice vid! thx
  • prozerpinaDayna


    LuckOnHoldem, do you recording some video for PS ?