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Get your bankroll, professional coaching and start crushing the Spin&Go tournaments

What you get

Starter pack

Start crushing Spin&Go's with our proven winning strategies for your limit. More than 400 ranges and regular videos will prepare you to face any opponent.


Attend 3-5 live coaching sessions every week to always stay ahead of the competition. Discuss strategies in depth and get all your question answered.


Get all the tools you need and fast tech support. Work with a professional setup, including PT4, our custom world class Spin&Go HUD, Starshelper and visualized ranges.


Full staking throughout your career. Always play the stakes you are most profitable at. No bankroll building ever needed.


Play where the fish is. PokerStars introduced jackpot Sit&Go's, called "Spin&Go's", in 2014 and soon they became the most popular game among recreational players. The format is perfect for professional players as well. The game is complex enough to achieve big win rates but at the same time, strategies for up to 25 BB are easy to learn.

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Our Mission

"All SpinLegends players should reach the poker elite in the shortest possible time."

The solid teaching experience from Adam "Coffeeyay" Sobolewski

Coffeeyay has worked with hundreds of students over the years. From helping low stakes players move up and beat high stakes to enabling grizzled veterans to keep their edge. His unique background in mathematics enables him to explain the most complicated poker concepts - from using GTO to exploiting hidden weaknesses. His passion for education and vast experience helping others are what allow him to use his specialist knowledge to refine your game and earn more money for yourself.

His strategies and tools (like the CoffeeHUD) transformed the HUSNG metagame. Now, his sights are set on Spins - he’ll make sure you’re one step ahead of the competition. If you want to become a legend, trust the coach pros have been turning to for years.

coffeyay graph

Adam "Coffeeyay" Sobolewski

Knowledge of GTO is at his fingertips, and he’ll help you find the exact exploit for each situation. His love of teaching means you too can have access to the advanced concepts you need to become a legend. He can’t wait to see you playing $100 spins alongside him.

Adria Diaz Dalmau

Adria "Adriia18" Diaz Dalmau

Professional poker player at the age of 22. HU hyper reg and currently at the highest Spanish level of Spin&Go. Adriia18 has been working for SpinLegends since 2016. Very passionate and always wanting to improve.

What our players say

squad77 avatar

"At SpinLegends the coaching is done almost on a daily basis. Your opponents are evolving every single day, and being able to stay ahead of the competition by receiving this constant feedback on our game is a big plus. I started at SpinLegends as a recreational player, with no discipline and no basic knowledge of Spin & Go strategy. Now, I can safely say I’m a professional poker player, with tools at my disposal to steadily evolve my game. That’s what SpinLegends has taught me in this 11-month period. If a school can make one of the worst heads-up players, like I was, into a winner, like I am now, you have to wonder if there’s something to it. Yes, there is. I’ve recommended SpinLegends to everyone I know, and if you’re reading this, give it a try. You won’t regret it." Read more


Cactuzz avatar

"The best thing about SpinLegends is great coaches! They know how to beat this game and are ready to share all their knowledge with their students. The strategy they teach is very good and there are lots of materials to learn from. I moved from $1 up to $60 Spins in half a year, having no Spins/SNG background at all. I learned GTO principles and general approaches to different strategic aspects of the game. I feel much more confident at poker overall now. I started to play poker 10 years ago and now, after all those years of "poker is dead" talk, once again I can say that anyone can become a winning player, at least at mid stakes, having a good strategy like the one you learn at SpinLegends. If you are really into it, eager for knowledge and can put some work in studying, you will definitely play the highest stakes available."


Simon6184 avatar

"I like SpinLegends because you can improve your game quickly with the help of top coaches. You get the best Spin strategy and do not have to learn everything by trial and error. SpinLegends helped me to work on my game consistently and develop a good routine of theory and practice. I would recommend SpinLegends to anyone who wants to take their poker career to the next level." Read more


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"First of all it's great coaching from some the best players and there is a lot of content, all of the above gives us great framework to crush Spins. And second it is all about the staking and overall loyalty from being in a team. I think it would be right to say that SpinLegends made me a poker player, from zero to hero. I would recommend SpinLegends because it's obviously the most competitive school in the world."


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Learn the basics to start crushing the Spin&Go's

  • Microlimits video pack
  • Access to our video library for silver level
  • Access to our private SpinLegends forum
  • Silver level strategy
  • Initial bankroll
  • Possibility of advancing to Gold level


Develop yourself as a player and beat all the mid-stakes

  • Mid-stakes video pack
  • Access to our recorded coaching sessions
  • Access to our private SpinLegends forum
  • Gold level strategy
  • Bankroll for playing
  • Regular coaching sessions with Coffeeyay
  • Technical support
  • Basic support software
  • Gold SpinLegends HUD
  • Access to the 3 group chats (General chat, Support chat, Announcement chat)


Make your game perfect and become part of the Spin&Go elite

  • Advanced video pack
  • Access to our recorded coaching sessions
  • Access to our private SpinLegends forum
  • Diamond level strategy
  • Bankroll for playing
  • Expert level coachings with Coffeeyay
  • Premium technical support
  • Advanced support software
  • Diamond SpinLegends HUD
  • Access to the 3 group chats (General chat, Support chat, Announcement chat)
  • Customized VIP service

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